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We may think of the underworld journeys of odysseus and aeneas depicted in odyssey book 11 and aeneid book 6 respectively. He proverbial twin, multi-talented and extremely creative gemini is all set to do daringly different things in But they were in fact galaxies far beyond our own milky way galaxy. Nameology the science of designing lucky names. Within a circle, divided into upper and lower halves, each half.

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The prudent and practical capricorn, who is often a little snob and always a little conservative, will burden leo's romantic and enthusiastic personality. Angelina jolie zodiac sign.

Angelina jolie zodiac sign

Nicol Brandle. The first 13 creatures to reach the other riverbank would be honoured by His Holiness, who decreed that the years would be named in order of who reached the bank first, then second, then third and so forth.

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The Rat was the first to reach the other side of the river, so the Year of the Rat was named for it, though it had cheated by riding on the back of an Ox. The Rat was gravely afraid of the water.

The Ox itself came second, so the second year of the cycle was subsequently the Year of the Ox. Finally after many hours, the twelfth animal, Pig, lumbered ashore. The 12th year was named for our porky friend.

The Cat would have been honoured with the thirteenth year, but alas, it was caught by the currents and washed up far downriver, having nearly drowned. Though Cat kept his nine lives, he lost his chance to be in the Chinese calendar. It is widely acknowledged among Chinese astrologers that people born in particular years have certain common personality traits associated with the animal their year is named for.

People born in the Year of the Snake such as years , , and of course are said to be good mediators who are adept at sorting out problems in their home lives just as the Buddha resolved the argument of the assorted animals. Snakes are also great gatherers of possessions.

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They are motivated, cunning, brainy and wise. Those babies born this year under the gaze of the Water Snake will likely grow up to be influential and able managers of people. They will be determined to achieve success and can be ruthless in that pursuit as far as colleagues and juniors at work are concerned. But with family and friends, Water Snakes will be kind and affectionate. As with our previous wallpapers for festivals like Diwali and Christmas, the Half-Eaten Mind has opted for a GIF, or animated image that is vibrant and sparkly.

The image however was originally created by GraphicsArcade.

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The image shows a cherub-like couple dressed in Hanfu costume holding banners wishing good luck and prosperity upon viewers. The banners are in red, a very lucky colour for the Chinese. During the New Year, children are gifted small red and gold envelopes containing money, as a symbol of the care of elders and a sign of wealth for now and the future. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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