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Otherwise, keep learning everything you can about him. He and I where Friends in in that time we both were having difficulties in our spouces his was being taken for granted and demanding of his time. Mine was infidelity which he sensed and flirted but I would never cross that Line. On his next meeting he announced he was leaving his wife and wanted to know if I was interested in getting together handing me his phone number saying call me anytime.

My life went into a turmoil — My husband wanted me dead and to be with The Russian Discovered his affair after then I lost my Mother. I texted my Gemini and said I would enjoy getting together with him after my return from out of town no set date. He seemed to know I was back when I took a break and informed him of the Lost of my Mother He wrapped me protective in his arms. My husband had not even done this and chose to stay with his Mistress. My Gemini texted me as often as possible due to working in remote locations.

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Then he told me that he had fallen in love with me and my morals in and was still in love with me. He then told me he would make me fall in Love with him. I was scared due the age difference. Our relationship grew him always saying and showing he loves me, told his children about me and have met his best friend. Mid he was getting a divorced and prior she left with her current lover and cleaned out the accounts. He disappeared and no contact for 5 months I was worried more of his mental health But I knew he needed Space and time his Pride and want to take care and provide for me I knew he needed Time.

He came back and was surprised at my reaction of Happiness. He said all he has ever gotten is Hell for when he disappears. I know my Gemini is concerned that I have not left but is being understanding. Then in Sept of my Gemini truck caught on fire, he managed to find an older truck, the economy has been harsh the last two years and work is harder to find and greater distance between us. In January he needed financially help — I assisted due to again major mechanical issues. After he called angry, not at me, but life and was leaving town to go work north with his brother, that was seven months ago His private line has been cut off yet still had business line, I texted him in June and July.

I do not know if still his business line. So t stated I would assume if I did not hear from him by Aug 17 that Iwould stop trying to contact him.

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I am Patient and he is worth the wait, The thing that scared me is he also finally remember in Dec that we had been lovers in I am praying its his foolish pride not the realization of his strong attraction was based on our past. We talked a lil every day after that.

Gemini man personality traits and characteristics

He wanted us to have a date and spend the weekend together. I agreed. He spoiled me.

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Buying things, taking me places, opening doors….. We have a LDR. I only got to see him every other weekend. But he wanted to see me. He told me he loved me within a month of us dating. It was all good. Around the 6 month mark, he got sick and ended up having an emergency surgery to take out his gallbladder. He recovered quickly. It was then I finally told him I loved him.

Then it got to every other day. I point blank asked if I had done anything wrong. Don't try to keep any secrets from a Gemini. Geminis typically have a number of different partners before finding the right one to settle down with. Geminis need someone who is a match for their intellect and who is willing to have fun. As very social beings, Geminis tend to spend a lot of time with their friends and family.

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In their friendships, Geminis are looking for good communication. Geminis tend to lose touch with long distance friends if there is a lack of communication. Geminis can be flaky, especially if the planned activity is boring, so don't count on them to help you study or do your taxes. The best nights of your life will be spent with your Gemini friends. Family means a lot to Geminis , but it can sometimes be a burden to them. Family responsibility can get in the way of their desire to be spontaneous. Geminis would much rather go out with their friends than babysit their cousin.

Nonethless, Geminis want loyalty and good communication in their relationships with family.

The Gemini Man

Geminis tend to make good artists, writers, and journalists due to their inquisitive nature, adaptability, and outspokenness. Geminis always bring innovative thinking and passion to their work. Geminis have great communication and are great at witty banter which makes it easy for them to win people over. This also makes Geminis great managers.

Their enthusiasm inspires their subordinates, and their intelligence gains the respect of other employees.

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Geminis are not very good accountants or bankers. Find the person who will love you as much as this polar bear loves the other. The three best matches for the Gemini characteristics are Libra, Aries, and Aquarius.

Dating a Gemini Man: Yoga of the Heart

Libra and Gemini are a perfect match. Both love to have a good time. Aries and Gemini make for a match full of excitement since both signs are very outgoing and enthusiastic. An Aquarius and Gemini will have fun being spontaneous together —they both love surprises. Aquarius and Gemini are both very independent, so they may want time apart from one another.

However, both thrive on strong communications which will ensure a good foundation for the relationship. A Pisces is typically very sensitive, so they do not pair well with the unreliability of a Gemini. A Pisces will be hurt when plans get canceled because the adventure-seeking Gemini made better ones. This relationship will be full of deep rooted resentment and has little chance of harmony.

A Pisces is simply too emotional for a Gemini. Virgos are meticulous in their study, which will bore a Gemini. Virgos, who love precision , will hate the flexibility and unreliability of a Gemini. Scorpios as introverts clash with outgoing Geminis. Scorpios, who tend to be intense and serious, will find Geminis to be superficial. Figure out your specific strengths and weaknesses. If you're adaptable , use that strength to your advantage. Explore unknown territory in your life trusting that you'll be able to figure out what to do.

Are you outgoing? If so, go out with your friends, and meet new people. You never know what good might come from striking up a conversation with a stranger: you could meet the love of your life or get yourself a job. If yes, then embrace it: dive into reading more or try to learn a new skill. Make yourself indispensable at work ; figure out what needs to be done and how to do it, and then do it. You're smart enough to do anything. Think you might be indecisive? Try to work on your decision-making skills. If you're struggling to make a decision, consider making a quick list of the pros and cons.

If the pros outweigh the cons, then do it! That being said, he still might be texting or messaging you constantly, keeping up a steady flow of conversation. The Gemini man is known for dating multiple people at once, or even leading double lives. A Gemini man may move around a lot, and even go through stints of couch surfing or staying here and there when traveling. Gemini men make for super fun dads who are not afraid to be silly with their kids. These guys are the ultimate tall tale tellers — their imaginations are rife with whoppers that gullible, innocent children may continue to believe well into adulthood.

Gemini dads do this not to be mean or sneaky, but rather to instill a sense of wonder in their kids.

How to win the heart of the Gemini Man

Sometimes too easily distractible, the Gemini dad could use the reminder to make lots of quality time for his little ones — giving them his full and undivided attention for playtime that deeply nourishes both parent and child. The Gemini man loves to wheel and deal. He is always in action, moving forward and onto the next new thing. Technology and communications industries are natural fits for a Gemini — and you will often find the offices of new start-ups and networking mixers crowded with men born under the sign of the Twins.

They love to rub elbows with the smartest people in the room and get a thrill from name dropping their well-known friends and connections.