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Do it Every Few Years! If you are interested in a private reading you can contact me on my email: ivanatarot hotmail. Happy Easter Ishtar! Psychic Star World updated their website address.

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The Full Moon in proud Leo on February 10, , is a Lunar Eclipse that tosses a heavy dose of overindulgent self-expression into the cosmic mix. Read your Eclipse, full moon and comet team up to put on a show. Happy Lunar New Year! You may know that there are 12 zodiacs associated with the Lunar New Year, and that each has their own horoscope for the coming year.

Want to be with no one but me he already talking about marriage. He stress that I am his whole world he has done alot of things. To stay in contact with me he refuse to let go. I love the detailed explanation of each and every card. Indeed, I am still working towards achieving long term personal and financial goals.

Pisces June Monthly🌺 The devil returns, don't settle! Tarot Reading

Yes, I hope that only good people will enter my life. Ivana, thank you for the beautiful reading.

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I read what the cards tell me and some people are not prepared to hear the truth. I do get some good outcomes but, keep in mind, if you come to me, something must be happening Frequency about 17 videos per week Since Sep Channel youtube. Views Count- 47,, Video Count - 2, United States About Youtuber In accordance with the law in several countries we must point out that all tarot readings given here are for entertainment purposes only, and no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of a reading.

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Frequency about 84 videos per week Since Nov Channel youtube. Views Count- ,, Video Count - 7, About Youtuber Queen Of Cups Tarot channel is about monthly tarot reading and love reading of all the zodiac signs. Frequency about 8 videos per week Since Jun Channel youtube. Views Count- 12,, Also keep in mind that if readings do not resonate to check your moon and Rising signs link provided below.

Frequency about 14 videos per week Since May Channel youtube. Views Count- , About Youtuber I'm Sarah and I'm an intuitive healer, guide, and tarot interpreter. It's all about the love on this channel. I do monthly tarot readings for all twelve signs, along with easy-to-follow meditation practices so that you can live a meaningful and love-filled life today! Frequency about 3 videos per week Since Oct Channel youtube. About Youtuber My name is Joanna. I am a regular person with normal joys and challenges of life, the only thing that might be a little different is that I hear, see and feel Spirit.

Frequency about 2 videos per week Since Mar Channel youtube. Views Count- 8,, About Youtuber Hi! I'm Jennifer. I'm an empath and intuitive tarot card reader. There is a difference between being psychic, and having the ability to use my intuition and tell your story through the energy of the tarot.

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  • I am not a psychic. Let me share my knowledge and gift of intuition to help you through your challenges. Frequency about 9 videos per week Since May Channel youtube.

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    Views Count- 7,, About Youtuber I have also been a writer with published articles in the most popular woman magazine in my country and I had a radio show about Tarot on 4 different stations replying to questions from our listeners. I have been giving lectures about Tarot and Spirituality in my country and now I started a YouTube Channel to reach an even broader audience.

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    Frequency about 34 videos per week Since Feb Channel youtube. Views Count- 20,, Video Count - 4, About Youtuber One of the best youtube channel for everything related to tarot card reading. Frequency about 4 videos per week Since Apr Channel youtube. Frequency about 15 videos per week Since Sep Channel youtube.

    From Platonic To Commitment - Taurus Weekly Tarot Reading

    Views Count- 16,, United Kingdom About Youtuber I am a world wide Tarot reader with psychic ability, with over 15 years Experience, I offer free monthly tarot readings for everyone. Frequency about 21 videos per week Since Mar Channel youtube. Video Count - 1, Frequency about 9 videos per week Since Jun Channel youtube.