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They are always making deals and arrangements. When they do participate in sports, it is often for practical reasons or to prove something to themselves or someone else. They usually stay in the sport if it is financially rewarding or fits in with some bigger ultimate goal. They do not play fair and they are happy to fight dirty.

Or they arrange it so that their competitor suffers in some way without ever having an actual confrontation. Or they play dirty, these are the types that would suffocate you in your sleep. Their martial skills are pretty weak so they have to rely on their conniving underhandedness. They are pretty sharp tricksters. Mars in Capricorn men can be very gloomy and melancholic. They can turn into Scrooge types.

Cold, mean, and sitting in the top room of their mansion counting their money. They are best to spend a lot of time in nature.

Mars in Capricorn...

They should definitely make a commitment to some active activity in nature like rock climbing, farming, anything that allows them to really work and sweat outside in the elements. They are painfully aware of mortality. They are users. And they have to be careful not to take the Earth for all its worth.

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Sometimes they get depressed about their own destructiveness. Mars in Capricorn men are typically very peaceful though. They are generally very laid back and easy going. They can be tricky, greedy, and gross. But mostly they just want to have sex all the time. They want to live comfortably and peacefully and do whatever they want. Mars in Capricorn is very very very horny. They live for their lusts. They are almost ruled by their lusts. When they lust for something, they usually get it.

They usually are very well skilled at arranging things to their lustful benefit. It may take many many years, but they are patient and diligent and they will eventually consummate their desires.

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Their sex life can be the reason for their ruin. It sometimes overpowers them if they are not careful.


Unlike Mars in Scorpio, Mars in Capricorn can be a little more creepy about their constant horniness. They are not as selective as Scorpio and not always as emotionally attached to their lovers. They tend to objectify their lovers, they see them as a means to end, whereas Scorpio connects with their lovers deeply even spiritually. Mars in Capricorn can be very promiscuous and may have little control over their urges.

Astrology: Mars in the Signs

They can be very lecherous and depraved choosing any available body when they get the itch. It is best that they find a relationship with someone who is equally horny and maybe a little twisted.

They are extremely loyal in relationships with the right person who understands their needs. If they find the right person they will stay with them forever. They will take care of them and provide for them. They can be very old fashioned and they will provide for their wife and family until their dying breath. When the planet Mars is in Capricorn, this dynamic is experienced deeply. These chart holders don't believe in luck or the possibility of things just working out.

They are realistic and see things clearly. This doesn't sound very romantic, and indeed, they aren't the flowery romantic types. However, their down-to-earth nature gives them a seriousness about pursuing love interests that can be very attractive. If they're interested in you, they're serious about it. Don't worry about them flaking out and changing their mind. When they decide to go after something or someone it's because they have made a decision and they are willing to work for it.

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Putting in the time to win you over is something they can handle. People with Mars in Capricorn can appear dry and cold when they are pursuing a goal, even if the goal is winning you. It comes from that realistic attitude they just can't shake. There's a heavy feeling to them, and it often seems like they work towards goals because of some sort of unconscious requirement rather than feeling inspired and excited. They have good desires and strong, which are often centered on material and physical world which can be seen and held.

Mars in Capricorn is an earth sign, with sensuality expressed in earthy manner. They are not self indulgent by nature. These natives are quite well disciplined.

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They would possess the ability to plan for the future, something which many people in different signs would be doing. The natives are working ahead on realistic and attainable goals. As productive people who get off when they observe tangible results from their efforts, many of the natives are hard on themselves and sometimes on others.

As reliable people they have an innate sense of responsibility with both themselves and those whom they care about. Most of them are hard working while one of their most relied strategies in anger management would be to throw in energetically into work.

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