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Vastu is a purer, simpler and more powerful system for understanding the influences of a building on human behavior. Feng Shu and Vastu programming ensures Money, Happiness, Gains, and Success in life while maintaining a modern life style. Easy and practical solutions are deployed to make your building Feng Shui friendly. Energy defects can be easily fixed with the use of colour and metal strips, colored light bulbs, paintings, art objects, stones etc. Acharya Oum suggests these solutions after an accurate floor plan analysis.

Acharya Oum Prakash Sharma with over 25 years of experience in Astrology will personally read and interpret your horoscope to give you an overview of your life and predict significant events or issues that you will be confronted with over the upcoming years. You can ask us as many questions as you want in this consultation, please mention them when you contact us. A Feng Shui friendly office renders everything in a positive way, it keeps the flow of wealth in good position and helps make the business successful.

We first understand your goals and how they are being affected by having a detailed discussion on the nature of your business. Any kind of problem can be solved and any goal can be achieved using Vastu Shastra. Empower your name, business name and house number with the magical power of lucky numbers and letters.

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These numbers show a great deal about character, purpose in life, what motivates, and where talents may lie. Everyone has a Life Path Number which influences your life. This number is found by adding all the numbers of your birth date together until they are a single digit.

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I stand from singha rashi. I have heard many predictions from many good astrologers, but I am afraid to say that the predictions are not equal and tasty.

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One says good and the other says different. To whom should I believe. Pranam aapko maharaj, ghar mein koi Mandir hai Nehi, Lekin bhagavan ji k Murti Ko puja karte hai, bandh kar du kya. Suggestion dijiye. Kal da patta nahi tuu 2 to 3 years da issab la ki rakhiya heai wha bahi your are very advance. Tumhe jyotish ka gyan nahi hai tum jaise bavkuf logo ko vdo nahi banana chahiye.

Astrological Highlights and conclusion drawn

Video not playing problem fixed now! We are sorry for inconvenience. Download HD p HD. She needs very much care about her health here. This does not seem supportive time for progress, growth in her field of activity. She needs to trade cautiously during this transit of Ketu and Saturn.

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Malefic shadow planet Rahu moves in water sign Cancer and traverses through the third house. Now repeats own radical position and also cross over the radical position of Venus the ruler of Ascendant. This movement of Rahu seems supportive for Priya to get a new assignment and achieve commendable success. This seems much progressive time for Priya Prakash during movement of Rahu through the third house. From around May until around end of September , Mars traverses in its sign of exaltation Capricorn through the ninth house.

Mars now moves in opposition to natal Venus, Rahu and also transiting Rahu.

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Mars moves through the ninth house along with malefic shadow planet Ketu. She has to accept new challenges to make more progress in her field of activity. There is also a possibility of getting physically injured. Priya needs to take due care in this regard.


Transiting Mars also eyes natal position of retrograde Jupiter and retrograde Saturn. This is indicative of a busier time for Priya.

She has to handle new challenges tactfully and not give way to controversy. From around August until the end of the year , Venus transits in its other sign Libra and move through the sixth house. Venus now moves in direct opposition to natal Jupiter and Saturn.

Here she may experience some adverse situation. She may need to exert more to remain ahead in the race. A new offer and opportunity are to come up for Priya Prakash. This can lead to doing hard work for extended hours. She is to achieve new heights in her field of activity. Until October Jupiter transit in an air sign Libra and moves through the sixth house.