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Read more about the personality, traits and characteristics of the Libra Child. Read more about the personality, traits and characteristics of the Scorpio Child. Read more about the personality, traits and characteristics of the Sagittarius Child. Solid, stable and practical Capricorn Children always seem far more mature than their age would imply.

Good luck to parents who try to teach their little Sea-Goat that even though people naturally follow their lead there is a fine line between manipulation and leadership.

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Read more about the personality, traits and characteristics of the Capricorn Child. Good luck to parents who try to teach their little Water Bearer there is a difference in having your own ideas and staging an out and out rebellion. Read more about the personality, traits and characteristics of the Aquarius Child.

Pisces Children, though extremely sensitive, will stand firm even in the face of very frightening situations. Read more about the personality, traits and characteristics of the Pisces Child. If the world had a nickel for every time a parent uttered, muttered or screamed this lament everyone would be millionaires! Parenting would be so much easier if there were a magical handbook that answered all our questions about our children, especially when they first arrive. What is her personality going to be like? What will he be when he grows up? How to I inspire and motivate my child?

Light Workers also counsel that like a puzzle, use Astrology as but one part of a greater parenting plan.

Nothing can replace your inner voice and higher self in the nurturing process. It is true that Astrology is a kind of divination system.

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As such it has its limits. An individual, even at young ages, is always the master of his or her fate. For example, a child with Mars in the first house is very sturdy. Many grow up involved in sports and even seek out careers. Mercury regulates communication and ideas, and Jupiter oversees general ethics. This is very interesting Article and it is very beneficial for me.

I have read about my sign and compile good point and work on that. Right now I have the good story for people. I am sure this article is also helpful for people. On the contrary, few people can enjoy a good meal or a night out with friends more than those born today. This is because they experience a lot at work and come home to express themselves freely.

Natives of December 30 th are graceful and generous, but do not oppose their right to lead!

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Indeed, most natives of December 30 th must be leaders - there is no other way. They need, however, to avoid adopting an attitude of knowing and dogmatically adhering to fixed principles that can arouse antagonism. Surprising is the fact that many of the natives of December 30 th have serious problems with authority, not because they are rebels themselves, but rather because they will find it incompetent and inefficient.

They often begin to think that it would be best of they lead the show themselves. An essential point in what concerns the natives of December 30 th is that they think in altruistic terms constructively and for long term. For them power and dominance are not important, but rather the work done as well as possible. People born on December 30 th hate clutter and chaos.

Often this leads to the adoption of a more Spartan existence. They tend to gather their possessions in another room and lock the door. Because they are not overly meticulous, they can choose to limit their accumulation of assets, and thus create less trouble.

Others may find that they are very tight when it comes to money.

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More often this is not the case because the natives of December 30 th will know how to spend when they have to, even if it means to be left without money. However, their innate saving usually keeps them from spending money and makes them choose the best business deal. Frustration and concern can keep the natives of December 30 th awake all night.

Troublesome situations do not fit their usually reticent personalities. What suits them best is to tackle a situation in their own way. Unfortunately, when they are in difficult situations caused by the ignorance or amateurism of others as they perceive it , those born today can become extremely agitated.

To not waste their precious energy, natives of December 30 th must learn to accept what they cannot change. They also need to direct their thoughts toward more constructive things. You are known to be ruled by day number thirty, if you are born on the 30 th of the month. There are many great personalities, political leaders, as well as artists born on December 30 th : Nancy Coleman, Rudyard Kipling, Titus, etc.

Your numerology results show that Jupiter is the ruling planet. Jupiter is the guru of angels and the god of heavens.

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Under the influence of Jupiter, people born on December 30 th have strong faith in selflessness, knowledge, wisdom, sacrifice and service. You belong to a category of people who have made great sacrifices, were famous leaders and patriots. But if for any reason the strength of your day got weakened in life, you may settle for a small job as clerk or accountant in an organization. You are normally intelligent, diligent, hard working, and honest in your endeavours.

You obey the commands of others, and you are disciplined and obedient. You expect similar traits from your subordinates. You are tough from outside, but soft inside. You do not mind helping others, even if you do not get anything in return. You are orthodox in your world views, are religious in outlooks, but stubborn enough not to change life in line with changing social beliefs.

You are ready to help others, but do not like to ask for help from others. You may appear proud in your outlook, but in reality you are not.

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You are generally a person of great nature. You value self respect more than material gains and thus, do not look for favours from others. You like to be involved in altruistic works. If active in politics or leadership, you are capable of attaining a high position. Whatever comes to you in life is only through the path of hard work, as you do not get success easily.

You can grow in life slowly, you are a contended soul and happy to follow the path of hard work to get your success. You easily appreciate the selfless service of others. As a loyal servant, you are always ready to lay down your life for your country. You are also ready to pass through any type of hardship if it is for the common good.

You believe in obeying and respecting your elders. You are a pillar of strength, if in clerical or administrative positions you may be serving influential officers, organizations or ministers. You normally want to avoid anything that may bring you a bad name. You believe in self respect and are ready to help anybody with good intent. If for some reason you are weakened, you may become lazy and fond of addictive pastimes such as gambling.

Also, if the power of the number three is too much, then you can become autocratic. In such a situation you can become sensual, borrow money from others and fail to repay. Your lucky days are the 3 rd , 12 th , and 2 nd. The activities completed on these days have very high chance of success. Numerology rules that your unlucky days are 6 th , 15 th , and 24 th , in all the months.

Avoid performing important actions on these days. You may waste time, money, and efforts. Amethyst is your most favourable gem. It helps in clarifying your decisions. You can wear yellow sapphire with a golden tint. Amethyst if of a violet hue will give you peace of mind and will prevent accidents and damage.

The second part of December is ruled by Saturn 22 nd st. People born in December are born philosophers and teachers. The best professions for these people are in the fields of aeronautics, law, information technology, communications, radio, linguistics or religion. These people are passionate about travelling and this will take them to far away lands where they can learn lots of new things, then return and teach them to others.